A "Master" Class in Corporate Hospitality

A Master Class in Corporate Hospitality from the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

Spring is here! Azaleas are blooming and, if you’re a sports fan of any kind, you know the green velvet fairways of Augusta National Golf Club are coming alive with golf enthusiasts from around the world. The spectacle that is the Masters Tournament is a few weeks away.

For me, the Masters is the epitome of hospitality: great food, beautiful flowers and grounds, courteous guests, and lots of smiling facing.

I started playing golf when I was 15 (yes, my mom had to drop me off at the course), and I was lucky enough to attend a couple practice rounds at Augusta National when I was in high school.

The Masters holds a special place in my heart as my now-husband and I received tickets to the 2023 Masters Tournament as a wedding gift.

Corporate hospitality at the Masters Tournament in AugustaI joked (kind of) that this picture would be our Christmas card instead of our own wedding photos. Iconic photo op in front of the clubhouse.

It was a wedding gift like no other, and it combined our shared love of golf. We walked over 20K steps around the carpet-like grounds of Augusta National, and I made mental notes of the seamless blend of southern charm and corporate hospitality that defines this iconic event.

Corporate hospitality, a cornerstone strategy for luxury companies, takes center stage at events like Wimbledon, the Kentucky Derby, and Monaco Grand Prix. With exclusive access and meticulous details, these events provide VIP experiences that leave a lasting impression on clients. There’s one event that stands around from the others, and is truly “a tradition unlike any other," according to CBS sports broadcaster, Jim Nantz.

At its core, the Masters is a master class (you see what I did there) in corporate hospitality, setting the gold standard for client experiences. From the moment guests arrive, they are enveloped in a world of southern charm and hospitality. The smell, the sounds, the colors. It’s an experience like no other.

Whether it’s the immaculate grounds and greens, the legendary pimento cheese sandwiches, or the green jacket ceremony, every aspect of the Masters is designed to exceed expectations and leave guests feeling cherished and valued.

 Food menu at Augusta National Golf Course for southern hospitality

Y’all know I had to include the menu. 10/10 recommend one of each!

So, as a calligrapher and engraver providing live event services, what can I share with you about the world’s most prestigious golf tournament? You’ll want to take notes if you’re a business owner, experiential marketing specialist, or even a hostess who loves to throw a memorable party!

We can learn a lot from the Masters when it comes to corporate hospitality.

It’s about more than providing top-notch service.

It’s about creating an experience unlike any other. It’s about going above and beyond to anticipate the needs of your clients and exceed their expectations. It’s about infusing every interaction with warmth, authenticity, and a touch of Southern hospitality—my favorite.

As a service provider, I have the opportunity to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. By taking cues from the Masters and Augusta National, you and I can incorporate similar elements into our own events.

Hospitality and client experience at the Masters Tournament for golf fans

Impeccable Service and Attention to Detail

From the moment we arrived at Augusta National, we were greeted by the courteous staff as we walked onto the grounds.

Whether it’s the perfectly on-brand green and white signage, clean and well maintained facilities, and carefully curated food selection, every single detail is designed to create a truly memorable experience for guests. 

We arrived early for the practice round, and the parking was organized and easy to navigate. Greeters were eager to welcome us to the Masters. The food stations have smiling attendants who are happy to recommend their favorite choices. Every member of the course crew is a friendly faces and eager to welcome you to the tournament and answer questions.

Their team anticipates every need before you have it.

Exclusive Access and VIP Treatment

As if every guest isn't already amazed at the execution of corporate hospitality, VIP guests are treated to an unparalleled level of luxury and exclusivity.

🌸 Access to private hospitality suites with catered food and beautiful *pink* cocktails

👀 Exclusive viewing areas with group seating

⛳️ Behind-the-scenes tours of the clubhouse and grounds

🤩 Meet and greets with golfing legends

Masters tournament corporate hospitality engraving services

Augusta National golf course for the Masters Tournament

A perk that feels VIP even in general admission:

Guests can take their green Masters-branded sports chairs into seating areas and leave a business card in the clear section allocated on the back of the seat. This reserves your place for the day—a unique and well respected part of the Masters experience. Taking *save me a seat* to the next level.

Client experience and southern hospitality at the MastersSave your seat with a business card in the back of your green chair. A fun and respected way to "save your seat" when you're making your 4th trip to concessions. 

VIP or not, attendees are pampered with a level of service and attention to detail that is second to none. the Masters understands the importance of making every guest feel like a very important person.

Personalized Experiences and Custom Gifts

Okay, here's the part that really blew my mind: The personalized experiences and custom gifts.

On the grounds of Augusta National, there is a smaller, more VIP section known as Berckmans Place. It’s a multi-level and exclusive area behind the fifth fairway with air conditioning, putting greens, food and beverages, and…

✨ An on-site professional engraver for bespoke gifts for VIPs ✨

The use of on-site engraving at Berckmans, the epitome of luxury hospitality at The Masters, is a prime example of the commitment to personalization. By offering custom gifts and experiences, the Masters ensures that every guest leaves with a lasting memento of their time at the tournament. Whether it's through custom-engraved gifts, personalized welcome packages, or handwritten notes from tournament organizers, every guest is made to feel special and valued.

 Engraved bourbon with Augusta National VIP gifts

I engraved this bottle of bourbon for my husband to commemorate our trip to the 2023 Masters Tournament. It's permanent and personalized (and sitting on our buffet right now).

Talk about taking corporate hospitality to the next level.

This attention to detail underscores the importance of offering personalized experiences to clients.

If the Masters is offering personalized services and on-site engraving at the iconic tournament, why shouldn’t you? These extravagant gestures are attainable and within reach for you. I offer live event services with the same attention to detail and commitment to service.

Learn more about Berckmans Place and 9 other exclusive spots at the Masters.

Seamless Logistics and Event Management

Behind the scenes, the Masters is a prime example of excellent event management and logistics. From coordinating transportation and accommodations for thousands of guests to managing intricate details of tournament operations, the execution is flawless.

Corporate hospitality and southern charm at the Masters Tournament in Augusta

We enjoyed a few sandwiches and treats outside of a food station where patrons are ushered through in an organized manner with grab-n-go options. 

In the gift store, guests are able to store their bag (or in our case, 4 bags) of merchandise in a locker for the day or ship it home through on-site UPS workers. We decided to ship our items, which were safely delivered two days later.

Yes, you'll see. more sporting my straw hat and Masters cup everywhere this spring.

Another interesting rule about the Masters? No cell phones are allowed.

As a golfer myself, I knew this rule prior to attending the tournament, but I can see why first-time patrons are surprised. In a world where we're all glued to cell phones, the Masters Tournament honors its history with a tech-free experience. Don’t try to hide it in your pocket or leave it on silent. Just leave it in the car to start your (best) day. Cell phones—and most electronics—are not allowed on the grounds. Digital cameras are allowed, but no video footage!

Manual leaderboards, no phones, and no video replays. The Masters proves that personal connections and in-person experiences are at the heart of engagement, not technology. Hearing the roars of crowds is incredible (especially without constant rings and dings from notifications).

The Masters Tournament as a prime example for client experience

Don't worry about scanning your ticket on your phone, that's not an option. All patrons use paper passes at the gate to gain entry.

Tradition and Heritage

Beyond the gift shop and the famous Azalea cocktail, the Masters is steeped in tradition and heritage. The rich history is evident in every aspect of the tournament.

From the iconic green jacket ceremony to the storied champions’ dinner (hello, place cards!), the Masters honors its past while embracing the future.

While only a lucky few attend the Masters Tournament each year, the traditions are unmatched in the world of golf and recognized worldwide.

On the importance of building relationships and face-to-face connections, the Masters Tournament creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among guests. You’ll high five golf fans you’ve never met. You’ll have picnic lunch with new friends from around the world. And you’ll talk about it for years to come with friends and family. It fosters a sense of community that extends far beyond the confines of Augusta National. 

History and hospitality at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

Rory McIlroy Tiger Woods and Tom Kim practice round at the MastersAn awesome moment? Seeing Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Tom Kim walking the fairway for their Monday practice round. 

Make every event a hole in one

The Masters Tournament uses world class corporate hospitality to set the stage for an unforgettable experience for all who attend. The team at Augusta National Golf Club works diligently to make every guest feel like a VIP.

I admire their commitment to going above and beyond to ensure that guests experience nothing short of extraordinary service. 

The same level of corporate hospitality is attainable for you, too. Take notes from the iconic Masters Tournament and offer your guests on-site personalization through engraving and calligraphy services.

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So, there you have it – my master class in corporate hospitality – seeing the Masters and Augusta National from a service provider point of view and its unrivaled corporate hospitality. It’s such a privilege to walk the grounds of Augusta National, and I look forward to the day we go again!

Whether you’re a golf fanatic, or just in it for the pimento cheese sandwiches, one thing’s for sure: the Masters offers a client experience you won’t soon forget. Here’s to corporate hospitality that makes every event a hole in one.

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