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Macie is a Macon, Georgia, live event calligrapher and engraver to personalize items for weddings, conferences, tradeshows, and special events.

Atlanta Engraving

A popular experiential marketing choice for brands that want to make a statement.

Engraving is an intricate way to add permanent details to glass and metal surfaces. Not only does engraving provide a tangible take-home item that clients love, but it also entertains guests at on-site events.

As an Atlanta engraving artist, I use the classic style of calligraphy to personalize almost anything, providing hand-engraving services to clients from Atlanta to Savannah and beyond.

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  • Engraving for brands

    Add a special touch to new products, client gifts, and brand activations with engraving services. You can order engraved items for in-studio commissions and live events.


    Who can book an engraving artist?

    • Event planners
    • Experiential marketers
    • Corporate hospitality specialists
    • Brand managers
    • Product launch teams
    • Luxury/VIP coordinators
    • Customer service representatives
    • Corporate gifting specialists

    Did you know I engraved for Nordstrom? Read the full story on the blog.

  • Engraving for Brides

    Engraved details for your wedding day to last long after your love story begins. Hand engraved items are forever keepsakes for your wedding day and as gifts to your loved ones.


    What details can be engraved?

    • Bridal perfume
    • Champagne glasses
    • Groomsmen gifts
    • Wine bottle / glasses
    • Bourbon bottles (want to bury it?)
    • Metal cuff links
    • Champagne glasses
    • Cake knife & server

    Learn more about wedding calligraphy and engraving services.

Engraving vs. Etching

What's the difference between engraving and etching?

Glass engraving and glass etching are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are very different processes. An experienced engraving artist can easily spot the difference between the two methods.

Engraving is a physical process that removes bits of glass or metal to reveal a design.

Etching is a chemical process that uses acid to essentially burn into the surface.

As a professional engraving artist, I use a specially manufactured hand drill to physically remove bits of matter while manually creating a design in the material. Hand engraving is permanent and allows me to control the depth, bur size, and intricate details of designs.

Atlanta engraving and calligraphy services are available for in-studio commissions and live personalization at on-site brand activations, corporate events, private parties, and more.

  • Why do you do engrave by hand?

    The process of hand engraving gives the artist much more control over placement, depth, and the amount of details. With a small hand drill, I'm able to engrave items of various size, shape, and material. Laser engraving has limitations and isn't always chip-resistant! Want to know more? Explore the 6 key reasons to choose hand engraving over laser.

  • What industries do you work with?

    I work with a diverse range of industries, including corporate events, weddings, sports and outdoors, trade shows, festivals, charity galas, and private celebrations. Hand engraving is popular among experiential marketing events as it offers unmatched customer engagement. Ready to explore options for your industry? Submit an inquiry to start today.

  • What surfaces can be engraved?

    Glass, metal, and certain plastics can be engraved with the right technique. While the technique and calligraphy styles are the same, I use various speeds and pressures to engrave items based on the material, surface coating, and size.

    Almost any smooth, open surface can be engraved, no matter the size!

  • Do you provide consultations or help with item selection for engraving?

    Absolutely! I love hearing your vision and helping brainstorm items to be engraved. When choosing products for brand activations or live events, I can also provide sample engravings for your team to see (and feel!) in person. Contact me to share your event plan, and I will share ideas.

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