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Macon, Georgia calligrapher and engraver serving Atlanta to Savannah specializing in on-site personalization and live events for customer experiences

Let's get personal

Hey, I'm Macie!

Thoughtful gift giving is my love language, and I'm always ready to brainstorm and share ideas for on-site personalization that fits your vision. With 7+ years in marketing and communications, I understand the importance of making a great impression and giving your guests "something to talk about."

I specialize in live event calligraphy and engraving, turning everyday objects into cherished keepsakes. As a collector of sentimental items myself, I believe in the power of personalization to connect people with meaningful memories. Based in Macon (and the heart of all things southern hospitality), I serve clients from Atlanta to Savannah.

Atlanta engraver with southern roots

I believe in more than just providing exceptional calligraphy and engraving services—I embody the essence of Southern hospitality and lifestyle in everything I do. As a Georgia-based calligrapher and engraver, my commitment to treating customers with the utmost care and respect is at the heart of Macie Kendall Co.

I go above and beyond to ensure that every interaction with clients is a memorable one, just like a gracious hostess welcoming guests into her home. Live event artists not only create stunning pieces of art but also serve as performers, engaging with clients and customers in a warm and welcoming manner.

Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or special celebration, my dedication to hospitality shines through in every stroke of calligraphy and every detail of engraving. Experience the charm of Macie Kendall Co.

  • Live event artist to etch guest favors or personalize with calligraphy on site lettering and customization


    • To redefine corporate events and experiential marketing within the luxury brand market.
    • To create exceptional customer experiences to help you make a statement.
    • To connect people through the magic of live art.
  • Pretty hand writing and calligraphy for events and corporate parties by Macie Kendall Co a live engraver based in Macon, Georgia


    • To transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.
    • To infuse the art of calligraphy and engraving with southern hospitality.
    • To set a new standard for meaningful gift giving and elevate the concept of hospitality.
  • Hire professional calligrapher and engraver for special events in Macon, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia


    • High Quality Products
    • Strong Sense of Community
    • Continuous Learning
    • Intentional Actions
    • Commitment to Customers
    • Everything Done with Love

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