Small business, big heart

Meet the face behind this one-woman show!

Creativity has always been part of who I am—from school projects and cheerleading posters to sorority banners and creating for friends and family.

I began practicing hand lettering as a creative outlet, and it has grown into a small business that allows me to share a portion of my heart with others.

I love creating custom items for holiday celebrations, weddings and special events, and everyday home decorations. Your support allows me to explore this creative journey and bring a hand-made touch to the lives of others every day.

  • My best boy, Tucker

    I have a 6 year old Golden Retriever that I got during my last year of graduate school (War Eagle!). We both love long walks and good snacks. Not pictured: my rescue cat. Yes, it's a full house.

  • Partner in Crime

    Whether we're skiing at negative temperatures in Vail, cheering on the Braves, or ordering our favorite pizza *add feta cheese*, my boyfriend is MKCO's biggest supporter. #blessed

  • I haven't been everywhere...

    ...but it's on my list! I love traveling to new places and seeing the beauty of the world. Travel has such a big impact on our creativity and the way we view the world. Send me ALL the travel recs on Instagram!