Event Planner's Guide to Live Engraving & Calligraphy (Instant Download)

Experiential marketing. Brand activation. Live personalization. Maybe you’ve heard these buzz words but aren’t sure where to start incorporating them into your brand.

On-site calligraphers, live engravers, and bottle painters can elevate your event and maximize customer engagement no matter the event or industry.

Creating memorable experiences for attendees is more important than ever, and live event personalization can set you apart from the crowd. Live engraving, lettering, and painting offer unique ways to engage guests and leave a lasting impression.

I’m giving you a comprehensive guide to working with a live event artist. Whether it’s your first time hosting a live artist or your first time working with me, this guide is informative and helps you plan.

Effectively incorporate personalization services into your event

Whether you work in corporate hospitality, special event planning, product launches, or brand marketing, you can incorporate live engraving and calligraphy into any industry:

  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Real estate summits
  • Corporate executive events
  • Retail product launches
  • Private parties
  • Weddings and showers

The bottom line? I bring classic details to modern events, adding a special touch to whatever you have planned!

My all-in-one guide for booking a live event artist

What's Inside the Guide:

My comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about live event calligraphy and engraving, including:

  • Service Descriptions: Detailed explanations of the various live personalization services I offer.
  • FAQ: Answers to common questions about booking and working with a live event artist (When to book? How to setup? How much does it cost?).
  • Checklist: A step-by-step list to ensure you secure your date and are ready for a successful event.
  • Next Steps: How to book live personalization services for your upcoming event.

Download Your Free Guide:

Ready to take your corporate events to the next level? Want to wow your wedding guests with custom party favors? Download the free guide today and discover the details to successful live event personalization.

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