Discover the Joy of Calligraphy this Holiday Season

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning the art of calligraphy, you’re in for a treat this holiday season!

After teaching beginner calligraphy to over 250+ students in 2022, I’m thrilled to bring these classes back to the Macon, Georgia, area for the 2023 holiday season. As a lifelong DIY enthusiast and self-taught calligrapher, I am passionate about helping others tap into their artistic side and find a relaxing outlet for stress.

Calligraphy Class in Macon Georgia Beginner Lettering Holiday Things To Do

You might be thinking, “My handwriting is so bad, there’s no way I can learn calligraphy,” or “I’ve tried to learn before from books and videos, but I just can’t do it.” Think again! Whether you’re a hobbyist letterer who loves doodling or a DIY bride ready to create beautiful envelopes and details for your big day, this class is the perfect starting point on your calligraphy and lettering journey.

Who are my classes designed for?

These workshops are tailor-made for beginners. Whether you’ve never held a calligraphy pen or have dabbled a bit, my class focuses on the foundational strokes and best practices to kickstart your lettering journey. Learning calligraphy from a book or online course can be overwhelming—believe me, I am self-taught from a workbook I bought online with no personal instruction.

Calligraphy begins with learning basic strokes and letter forms to create the beautiful writing you see on signs and envelopes all over Pinterest. You’ll receive all of the materials you need to begin learning calligraphy, and you’ll take it all home with you! What does your calligraphy kit include?

  • Basic Strokes Guide
  • Script Alphabet Guide
  • Brush Pen (2 black)
  • Brush Pen (1 large color)
  • Paint Pen for Ornament Lettering
  • Custom Place Card with Your Name
  • Tracing Paper
  • Holiday Ornament
Friends Learning Calligraphy Together in Macon Georgia Warner Robins Georgia Class

What makes my beginner calligraphy classes unique?

In this beginner calligraphy class, you’re not just another face in the crowd. I offer one-on-one assistance throughout the class, ensuring that you get the attention you need to thrive. My teaching style is all about personal connection, and these classes are workshop-style to give you personal feedback that you can’t get from a book or online video.

To add to the fun of learning a new skill, each class takes place in a local business. Think coffee shops, wine bars, pizzerias, and other vibrant environments that help you relax and enjoy the class! You can enjoy your favorite food and drinks during class, or even come early to have a meal with friends before joining the class. Get ready to have fun! Everyone is a beginner and there’s no pressure to learn everything in one class.

"I had the pleasure of attending one of her group calligraphy classes, and she was a perfect hostess and teacher. She gave us all the confidence to try calligraphy and guided our learning. It was perfectly paced and lots of fun.” – Lindsay C.

Holiday Magic in Every Stroke

With the holidays just around the corner, these group classes are in full swing! Each class comes with holiday-themed lettering guides, and many of the venues will be offering seasonal drink specials. As a delightful memento, you'll create a hand-lettered ornament at the end of class to show off your new lettering skills and take home to spread holiday cheer to your loved ones.

Learn Calligraphy in Macon Georgia with Beginner Calligraphy and Lettering Classes

Don't miss out on this festive opportunity to learn calligraphy and develop your creative skills. Plan a girls’ night out, date night with your honey, or come solo and make new creative friends!

This Christmas calligraphy class is not just about crafting beautiful letters, but also crafting beautiful memories. Join me for beginner calligraphy classes in Macon, Georgia, and surrounding areas this holiday season. Classes sell out quickly, so be sure to check out my class schedule and secure your ticket now.